Best Vacuum Cleaners Online

Welcome to the home of the trusty companions in outstanding home cleaning – the vacuum cleaner!In this site I will be sharing my experiences with the different types of vacuums that I have used. I have tried a wide variety of models from those old heavy bagged vacuums that my grandparents used to the new robot-like vacs that we have today.

Vacuum cleaning is fun and easy!

Vacuum cleaning is fun and easy!

I am the kind of woman that is very meticulous when it comes to house cleanliness.Nevertheless, I believe that cleaning floors and other surfaces should not be that tiresome – it’s already a chore for goodness sakes. A great working vacuum makes my role as a wife, working mom, and housekeeper pretty efficient.

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One of my kids has allergies and that adds more to my worries when choosing the right model to buy. I know that a lot of you out there have probably experienced the same headaches

Through experience, I have realized that vacuum cleaners differ from each other in purpose and usage. Choosing the best vacuum cleaner to use will greatly depend on your needs. I hope you will benefit from my experiences and avoid wasting money on the wrong equipment.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

How vacuum cleaner works.

How vacuum cleaner works.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaner is commonly used in the United States and Britain. I personally think that this equipment is ergonomically right. Another important thing is that upright vacuums are considered as the most affordable ones in the market today.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners 

The popularity of this type of vacuum cleaners has just grown recently. They are good since you are not required to purchase vacuum bags anymore. However, for households where allergies and asthma are present – just like mine – it is not advisable to use this unit because the emptying process is quite messy.

MultiFloor Vacuum Cleaners

When you have a house that has various kinds of flooring like carpet, wood, ceramic, vinyl, and other kinds, then this type of vacuum is suited for you. It works well for me both of my carpeted and bare floors. There is no need to have a separate unit for each different kind of flooring at home.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Commonly called now as Robovac, this type of vacuum cleaner is pretty handy. They can clean the floor on their own while you are doing something else somewhere. They are built-in with intelligent programming but the cleaning system is quite limited since they are not fit for hard core cleaning.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners

These cleaners are specialized models that work well on both wet and dry flooring. They usually come in a cylinder or drum form and are equipped with an exhaust port to reverse the airflow. I think these are the best vacuum cleaners for collecting large quantities of dry, wet, and moistened garbage.

My Personal Recommendation

Vacuum cleaners belong to the group of household cleaning equipment that is a little bit pricey. I recommend that you read the vacuum cleaners reviews on this site to help you with your purchases. Look up my reviews of different products and see which one fits your needs at home.

I don’t like to waste my money on things that are not beneficial to me and my whole family. And I hope that you do to. With the vacuum reviews here, you can find the best and the worst of every vacuum cleaner model.